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Holker Makes Its Move

Holker Makes Its Move

Holker IT is celebrating a special ‘jubilee’ after taking a major step forward.

We have re-located to impressive new headquarters in Burnley – a move which has also seen investment of around £100,000 in additional staffing and equipment.

The transfer to Jubilee House on Phoenix Way comes eight years after managing director Matthew Metcalfe first helped to establish the company in Colne.

“Our new premises are a perfect fit in terms of location, capability and image,” said Matthew. “This is an exciting time for us as we look to move up another level. We have received great support from the local authority in Burnley and already feel very much at home.”

The renowned cyber security experts invited Miranda Barker, chief executive of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, to perform the official opening ceremony.

“It was great that Miranda could take time out to do the honours for us and she was very interested to learn of our on-going plans. Indeed, we are now looking to link up with the Chamber for a cyber security seminar here later in the year.”

Miranda said: “Holker IT has earned a reputation as a technology firm with serious credentials, not least in the field of cyber security. It is also very pleasing to see a firm with its roots firmly in East Lancashire continuing to grow and develop in our region.”

Getting Started with IT security

Getting Started with IT security

One of the frequently asked questions posed to us at Holker IT is “How do I get secure?” And that is usually followed by “Isn’t it expensive?”
For the first question, there’s no such thing as being completely secure. Rather than thinking of security as a destination, think of it as a journey on which you need to keep moving and always stay ahead of the criminals and bad guys.
The followup question is really easy to answer quickly – it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact your first step on the journey can be entirely free!
The first step we’d recommend is to give us a call and arrange a meeting with one of our specialist security consultants. They will meet with you and help you understand the types of security services and milestones, which you may be interested in achieving.
There are a few initial steps our consultants usually recommend such as:
  • An audit of your current technology and infrastructure
    • This will allow our team to understand your organisations’ current technological level and provide you with a report containing suggestions for improvement.
    • Holker IT can provide specific support or entirely implement any changes to your network or technology, including recommending and installing any hardware – and most importantly, configure it the right way!
    • A gap analysis to identify and explain the gaps between your security and the Cyber Essentials standards. Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme and an excellent entry into organisation-wide security certifications and a great step into compliance for your company https://holkerit.co.uk/services/cyber-essentials. A gap analysis will mean our team can provide you with a report of your current security status and actions to implement, to get your organisation ready for this certification.
  • Organisation-wide awareness training
    • A good awareness training scheme can ensure your staff know what signs to look for with regards to threats.
    • Trained staff can be an asset to your organisation’s security rather than a possible vulnerability.
 After those steps, there are plenty of tasks Holker IT can help you plan into your security strategy such as:
  • Improving your processes and procedures with an information security management system and a relevant certification like ISO 27001.
  • Regular offensive security testing including expertly performed penetration testing or vulnerability scanning.
  • Providing a senior security consultant to attend board meetings as your CISO for regular strategic updates.
 Whether you want to seriously improve your security, improve your compliance to win larger contracts, or are just curious as to where you could begin, it has never been more simple to start your security journey.
Malware Mimicked 2016’s Petya Ransomware

Malware Mimicked 2016’s Petya Ransomware

On 27/06/2017 a piece of malware, thought to be similar to last month’s WannaCry ransomware, shut computers down worldwide. 

The malware mimicked 2016’s Petya ransomware leading researchers to initially believe this was a modified version with updated exploit code including the notorious EternalBlue utilised in WCry.  After further research, however, it was discovered that this malware had much worse consequences than encryption – it aimed to wipe as many infected hard drives as possible.  It is extremely unlikely that paying any ransom will help you against this malware.

As well as EternalBlue, PetyaWrap (or NotPeyta or ExPetr), utilises PsExec a command execution tool on Windows systems which is preinstalled with the malware and if that doesn’t work it will use LSADump which will look for passwords still held in working memory in order to gain administrative privileges and propagate further.

To protect against this it is first imperative to have your system patches up to date to protect from EternalBlue, it is also very important to have administrative privileges restricted wherever possible so that PsExec cannot run any commands, finally, any good anti-malware software should catch these three spreading methods as all are common infection techniques.

At Holker IT we take protecting our customers seriously, if you require support with managing your IT infrastructure and security please get in touch.

Cyber Security for Business Event 20/06/17

Cyber Security for Business Event 20/06/17

How vulnerable is your business to the threat of cyber attacks? Falling victim to a ‘cyber attack’ and the often devastating consequences is a major concern for all businesses.

But help is at hand in Macclesfield and East Cheshire this month thanks to a special interactive event. Holker IT is joining forces with NatWest bank to stage ‘Cyber Security for Business’ at Macclesfield Town Hall, on Tuesday 20th June.

Attendees will experience a real-world cyber attack first hand, find out about the different types of attacks and learn how to best protect their network, data, systems and employees.

Cyber security is very topical and every business is vulnerable to attack. It is imperative that all firms – small, medium or large – take the necessary steps to ensure their computer systems are protected from theft and damage to both hardware and software.

The consequences of a cyber security attack can be costly both to reputation and finances.

The event will start at 8:30 am and run for three hours, including time for networking and questions and answers.

Tea/coffee and breakfast will be available.

Register for our event today and make IT and cyber security an important focus in your business. Places are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment. Book Now.

Holker ‘Secure’ a Key Player in Cyber Crusade

Holker ‘Secure’ a Key Player in Cyber Crusade

We have recently welcomed to the team, Ric Derbyshire – Chair at the NW Cyber Security Cluster – as our InfoSec Director.

The progressive move will enable Holker IT to offer increased support to local businesses concerned about the on-going threat of ‘hacking’.

And Ric, 27, who is currently studying for a PhD in cyber security at Lancaster University, believes there will be many mutual benefits.

“Holker IT is already ahead of the game through having an in-house cyber security department and this is also a great opportunity for me to get more hands-on experience in the cut and thrust of day-to-day business.

“Cyber security is a very big deal and no company is safe from attack. My part-time role as a penetration tester with Holker IT means I can get out to businesses and perform ‘cyber attacks’ to illustrate vulnerability and outline the solutions available.

“Studying for a PhD makes it difficult for me to run a company of my own so this involvement with Holker IT is perfect.”

Holker IT Financial Director James Dewhurst, who invited Ric on board after working with him at the NW Cyber Security Cluster, said: “Ric’s knowledge of cyber security and all the many complexities is clear to see.

“He is a young man with an excellent pedigree and a growing reputation. It is a key appointment for us and we are delighted to secure his services.”

Holker IT secures Toshiba partnership

Holker IT secures Toshiba partnership

Holker IT has become an authorised business partner of Toshiba TEC UK after striking an exclusive deal. 

“This is a major development for us’” said Matthew Metcalfe, managing director at Holker IT. “We are now the sole Toshiba partner for the area, which not only adds strength to our reputation but also significantly increases our offering to clients of all sizes.

“Toshiba’s award-winning range of multifunction print and copying systems is universally renowned and offers limitless options with industry-leading software integration solutions.”

“That level of high-end specification and capability, coupled with cost-effective pricing, makes for a great mix across SMEs and other specialist sectors like education.”

Terry Simms, business partnership manager for Toshiba TEC UK, said: “We are very selective in terms of business partners and are delighted to offer this opportunity to Holker IT. They have a great track record and fit the bill in every respect.”

Toshiba TEC UK is part of the globally operating Toshiba TEC Corporation, an innovator in pioneering technology, a diversified manufacturer, and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products spanning information & communications systems, digital consumer products, electronic devices and components, power systems including nuclear energy, industrial and social infrastructure systems and home appliances.

Founded in 1875, Toshiba today operates a global network of more than 740 companies, with 204,000 employees worldwide.

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