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Putting Cyber Security First

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Holker Cyber Security: Working with you to protect your business

Cyber-attacks are a major threat to modern businesses and cyber security is now more important than ever before.

In the event of a problem with your systems, you may look to your IT team or provider for the solution, however specialist cyber security processes are not typically part of your IT support contract.

Holker’s cyber security packages provide complementary solutions which wrap around your IT systems, incorporating testing to identify security flaws, human awareness, and compliance; ensuring your organisation is protected throughout.

Our ascending levels of cover, coupled with the knowledge of our security professionals, will ensure you have the right security strategy for your business needs.

Holker Cyber Security Packages Holker Safeguard Holker Shield Holker Sentinel
Awareness Alerts
Cyber Essentials Certification*
Vulnerability Assessment - External
Phishing Campaign
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification*
Vulnerability Assessment - Internal
Governance and Policies**
Penetration Testing – (Up to 5 days)
* Including 3 policies to meet requirements ** Including Information Security Policy and Data Protection Policy in line with GDPR

Cyber Security: Make It a Priority

We utilise our wealth of experience as an information technology solutions provider, coupled with industry expertise to provide a series of cyber security services to complement and secure your IT infrastructure.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is an accreditation designed by UK government, to ensure organisations successfully take their first steps into cyber security. Cyber Essentials Plus is the next step of the journey, incorporating a vulnerability assessment with an on-site audit to provide a higher level of assurance. Both schemes are identified with a formal certification to demonstrate compliance to your clients and suppliers.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment will closely examine your infrastructure and determine whether any flaws are present in your internal or external networks. A step before a full penetration test, Holker’s dedicated cyber security team use a suite of automated tools to regularly scan for, and manage, vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or ‘ethical hacking’ is the process of simulating how a cyber-attack might take place in the real world. Our specialist, in-house team uses the same ‘bleeding edge’ techniques a criminal would adopt to explore all possible routes into your networks, website, or staff, with a view to highlighting vulnerabilities which can then be rectified.

Phishing Campaign

Phishing is the most common entry point into an organisation for a cybercriminal by either delivering malicious software or tricking a user into giving away their username and password to a fake website via email. A phishing campaign from Holker Cyber Security can keep your staff vigilant and aware of potential attacks, using reporting tools to provide key feedback and training to your employees.

Governance & Policies

Implementing a cyber security strategy starts with governance in your organisation. Clearly written and communicated policies will establish how your organisation approaches security, setting out processes to follow so that your data is handled with care. This is a necessity for adhering to General Data Protection Regulation.

Awareness Alerts

Everyone forgets good cyber security practice from time to time, and we can all be vulnerable. Holker’s Awareness Alert service provides a constant reminder of good practice to all staff, via their computers, to promote a security culture and ensure everyone is working together to take care of your business.

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