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IT Security and Cyber Essentials


Gap Analysis

  • You will receive –

  • An Independent report which will identify and explain the gaps between where you are today and the Cyber Essentials Standards

  • Clear recommendations on what you need to do for your business to meet the Cyber Essentials standard.

  • Cost-effective answers and action plans

  • Your report will be completed by a Cyber Essentials Practitioner

Cyber Essentials Standard

  • You will receive –

  • Detailed review of the improvements you may need to make in order to meet the Cyber Essentials standard

  • Complete Cyber Essentials scoping & assessment and your application will be submitted by us to a registered Cyber Essentials certification body

  • Effective and affordable strategies to ensure compliance

  • The Cyber Essentials Standard is an annual self-certification process


Cyber Essentials Badge (High Res) CE-2



Level up your Security with Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing

A method used to simulate cyber-attacks against your systems, testing the security that is in place to be able to identify all existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We will target and highlight the areas which require immediate attention and put measures forward to solve the issues and mitigate risk as much as possible for the future.

Holker IT will arrange with external and independent qualified penetration testing partners to provide you with a full penetration test of your network defences or cloud applications. You will also receive regular vulnerability scans of your network defences to ensure that defences are maintained against increasing and emerging threats.

You will receive a report detailing the flaws in your security which will be put into a clear, easy to read format for your management and staff to follow and gain knowledge of what is required to make your network a safer and more secure environment.


Mobile Penetration Testing

Does your business use mobile and tablet devices within the workplace? Then it is vital that security measures are in place to safeguard your network from any intrusions. Holker IT will run a series of tests against your devices to ensure that there are no weaknesses in your mobile infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is crucial in today’s digital age and we will provide these on a monthly basis. These assessments give you the latest information on criminal activity and help you to see what threats your systems may be facing at that current time. It will also inform you of the steps you should take to combat any vulnerabilities before they actually occur.

Web Application Testing

Testing web services is a must for any business since an online presence is commonly the link between the business and the consumer. Security measures should be taken very seriously to put trust into the client and especially if they are interacting with an e-commerce platform and purchasing goods. Our security will be parallel to that of the top 10 vulnerabilities covered by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless technologies have made connecting to the world wide web an effortless task which unfortunately means that almost anyone can gain access to a network if the access point has not been setup correctly, especially hackers and cyber-criminals alike. Therefore, it is crucial that security is taken seriously and is in use to prevent security breaches from happening.



Raise Employee Awareness and Policy Deployment


“A network is only as strong as the people defending it.”

Holker will assist your HR teams in adopting and deploying the appropriate IT Security Policies across all your employees. Together with an online staff training portal, we can help you to identify the areas your business is most at risk from your employees.

Our selection of training packages targets the different areas of your workforce in order to gain awareness, improve understanding and have the know-how to be on the defence from internal and external cyber-attacks and most importantly keep your data protected.


Cyber Security Training

Your staff will gain awareness of the potential dangers of internal and external cyber threats and learn how to mitigate the risks of this happening in order to keep data protected and stay safe when working.

Data Protection Training

Your staff will become familiar with the legal implications of breaching the Data Protection Act (DPA) in the workplace. Including the saving, transferring and sharing of confidential data.

Partner/board Cyber Security Training

Your partnering staff will be taught the best methods of safeguarding against breaches and will know how to prevent business assets from falling into the wrong hands.

Policy and Procedure

Your workforce will achieve a greater understanding of the policies in place at your business and will expand their knowledge of procedures using a bespoke e-learning platform.

Social Engineering Training

Your staff will be educated in real life scenarios of how hackers are able to gain confidential data through manipulative techniques, and therefore become more aware of how to tackle these issues.

Remote Worker

Your remote staff will learn to mitigate the risk of external cyber-attacks to be able to establish a secure connection to your business and continue to work safely.



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